God Speaks. Can they LISTEN?

Knowing that 80% of the global population cannot read, Davar Partners International records Scripture in order to provide the masses with access to the Bible in audio.


Our Story and Purpose

Davar Partners International entered the global missions community in 2009 with a clear commitment to provide unreached people groups – specifically those who do not read – with an opportunity to engage with the Living Word of God. DPI remains passionately committed to people of every tongue in its focused strategy - to translate and record the full Bible, to understand the paradigm of oral people, and to provide oral learners worldwide with access to the Bible in a language they can understand. New opportunities and rapidly growing technological platforms allow the Word of God to reach an unprecedented number of people. Working with ministry partners who share our passion to eliminate Bible poverty, DPI is discovering new methods to increase digital distribution and availability of audio versions of the Bible.

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Our Goal:

To translate and record high-quality, accurate audio Bibles in all spoken languages by 2035.

Our Vision:

Given that 80% of the world's population do not read, Davar Partners International aims to translate and record high-quality, accurate versions of the Bible in audio for people of every tongue.


Of the 7,102 living languages, only 636 languages have a translation of the complete Bible, and only 77 have audio versions available, which leaves an estimated 3.4 billion people without access to the Bible. As Christians confront this reality, they recognize a major challenge in global missions: How can individuals grow in faith without access to the Word of God in a language they understand?

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Upcoming Audio Recordings

Lolo Production

Lolo is a language of Mozambique, spoken by around 175 000 people, and understood by a further 150 000. This language group mainly resides in the districts of Derre, Morrumbala, the Posto of Chire and Localidades Mwandiwa and Mpinya. Also in the districts of Mocuba, Localidade Benfica, and the district of Milange, Localidade Liciro.

Maale Production

Maale is a growing Omotic language spoken by more than 41 000 000 people in Ethiopia. This language originated in, and is mainly spoken in the Omo region of Ethiopia. With a literacy rate of less than 48%, this community relies heavily on oral communication and methods of learning.

Mongolian Production

The Mongolian nation is known to most of us for conquering large parts of Asia and the Middle East under the leadership of Ganges Khan. They also have a proud history of overcoming all sorts of adversity such as severe cold in winter, harsh living conditions in the country side and economic and social-political challenges.