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Lolo New Testament Production

Lolo is a language of Mozambique, spoken by around 175 000 people, and understood by a further 150 000.  This language group mainly resides in the districts of Derre, Morrumbala, the Posto of Chire and Localidades Mwandiwa and Mpinya.  Also in the districts of Mocuba, Localidade Benfica, and the district of Milange, Localidade Liciro.

This Lolo speaking people as a whole, has never heard the Word of God in a language that they understand well - their heart language.  Although approximately 20% of the Lolo community profess to be Christian, it is thought that only 1% are evangelical believers.  At a literacy rate of under 20%, combined with a poor understanding of Portuguese and other indigenous languages, the Lolo speaking population will benefit greatly from receiving the Lolo New Testament in audio.  It has the potential to break through both the language barrier and the literacy barrier at the same time.

We invite you to join us in helping to bring about Godly transformation in the lives and community of the Lolo speaking people, by making the Word of God available to them in their heart language.  They too will then be able to proclaim, “God speaks my language”.

Source: Matthew Zook. New Tribes Mission


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