Our Interactive Bible Discovery program has a new home!

Our Scripture Engagement Department (Interactive Bible Discovery Training) has moved from DPI into a new ministry, expanding their areas of influence with our full blessing!

Please know that we are offering this developed resource to new mission providers to extend and broaden our collective missions’ resourcefulness as we seek to reach the world for Christ.  Please stay in contact with us for further developments and to see how God works to expand its ministry. Below you will see specific contact information if you have questions or want to send a personal note.  

If you have questions about Interactive Bible Discovery (IBD) training events and certification, contact Dr. Johan Louw or Mr. Matthew Meng. They will continue to lead workshops and welcome your continued partnership to make disciples among oral preference learners.


Dr. Johan Louw (RSA)

+27 (82) 855 6510 

Mr. Matthew Meng (USA)