Pray for People of Every Tongue

Davar Prays for People of Every Tongue


Prayer plays an integral part of Davar Partners International’s (DPI) ministry of making audio Bibles available to people in their own language. Each audio Bible project is a testimony to the power of Prayer.

Our Upcoming Recording Projects list has detailed write-ups of the people groups whose languages we wish to record. 

Stand with us in faith as we pray for the breakthroughs necessary to make the Spoken Word of God available to people of every tongue.

Matthew 18:20

"For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them."

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Upcoming Audio Recordings

Lolo Production

Lolo is a language of Mozambique, spoken by around 175 000 people, and understood by a further 150 000. This language group mainly resides in the districts of Derre, Morrumbala, the Posto of Chire and Localidades Mwandiwa and Mpinya. Also in the districts of Mocuba, Localidade Benfica, and the district of Milange, Localidade Liciro.

Maale Production

Maale is a growing Omotic language spoken by more than 41 000 000 people in Ethiopia. This language originated in, and is mainly spoken in the Omo region of Ethiopia. With a literacy rate of less than 48%, this community relies heavily on oral communication and methods of learning.

Mongolian Production

The Mongolian nation is known to most of us for conquering large parts of Asia and the Middle East under the leadership of Ganges Khan. They also have a proud history of overcoming all sorts of adversity such as severe cold in winter, harsh living conditions in the country side and economic and social-political challenges.

Prayer Articles

By Vicky Porterfield - 2016

Read the 2016 prayer articles from Vicky Porterfield

Prayer Articles

#1 I am an oral learner!

For the last few years, I have been studying orality. This issue of orality is one of the main obstacles to the spread of the Christian faith to the nations. Too often over the last century, those of us in the West teach about our faith using the written Bible and lessons. If people cannot read, we offer literacy training.

#2 Pleading with God

I believe that we do not often ‘plead’ with the Lord but it is a very effective manner of intercession. As Isaiah in Chapter 41 says, we are to reason with God and bring forth our good reasons and arguments. We need to make a case for our brothers who have needs.

#3 Begging or Pleading before God?

I often have used these 2 words interchangeably, thinking that perhaps they mean the same thing. But today, I want to consider these terms in relation to intercession.

Language Groups

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