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Davar Partners International entered the global missions community in 2009 with a clear commitment to provide unreached people groups – specifically those who do not read – with an opportunity to engage with the Living Word of God. Moved by the Great Commission and by worldwide Bible poverty, DPI defined its mission and goal - to create accurate, high-quality audio versions of the Bible in every spoken language by 2035. 

Multiple international offices opened soon after to facilitate the recording of high-quality audio Bible content and to distribute it in areas of greatest need, mainly Africa, Middle East, and Asia Pacific regions, where the  largest numbers of people still have no access to the written or recorded Bible.  

DPI remains passionately committed to people of every tongue in its focused strategy -  to record accurate and high-quality audio Bibles, to understand the paradigm of oral people, and to provide oral learners worldwide with access to the Bible in a language they can understand. Audio Scripture is an essential answer to the world’s need for Scripture engagement.   

Now, strong partnerships and rapidly growing technological platforms allow the Word of God to reach an unprecedented number of people. Working with like-minded ministries who share our passion to eliminate Bible poverty, DPI continues to pioneer new methods to increase digital distribution and availability of audio versions of the Bible.  

Since 2009, we have made great strides in recording the Bible and providing unreached people groups all over the world with access to Scripture in a language they can understand. Our primary focus remains - to provide accurate, high-quality recordings of the Bible to those who are still Bible-less and have never heard the Good News. 


Our Goal

To translate and record high-quality, accurate audio Bibles in all spoken languages by 2035.


Our Values

The Word of God, Partnership, International, Stewardship, Community transformation


Board and Leadership

Brian R. Smith, Board Chair

Brian serves as the Managing Director of S3 Ventures, an early, expansion and growth stage venture capital firm with $300M under management. S3 is focused on information technology solutions that solve large business problems.  S3 also invests in medical devices that improve the human condition.  The firm invests primarily in Texas and the southwest of the US. At age 29, he founded and served as cChairman and CEO of Crossroads Systems (Nasdaq: CRDS). He led Crossroads through five rounds of venture, strategic and mezzanine financing and to a successful IPO in 1999.

Brian ran Crossroads as a public company for nearly four years. In this role, Brian was an early pioneer in Storage Area Networks (“SANs”), which are industry standard solutions today. For his efforts, he was awarded the prestigious Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2000. He spent the first seven years of his career in electrical engineering positions holding product development roles within the Technology Group of the IBM Corporation.

Brian earned a BSEE with honors from the University of Cincinnati and an MSEE from Purdue University.

Mark Perkins, Board Member

Mark Perkins is the Chief Executive Officer of Kimbia, a software provider of online fundraising and event management tools for non-profits, higher education institutions and community foundations. Prior to Kimbia, Mark served in other C-level and senior leadership roles, primarily with privately-held service or software companies. He has been a member of The Church at Canyon Creek in Austin, Texas for the past 28 years where he has served in various lay-leadership roles, including past Elder Chairman and current member of the Personnel Team. 

Freddy Boswell, Board Member

Freddy serves as the Executive Director Departing of SIL International. He has a passion for the translation of the written word of God and is in anticipation of returning to translation consultancy.

John Dann, Board Member

John Dann is active in commercial business, in which he serves as co-owner of an actuarial and spatial solution entity called RiskScape.  He also serves as a Director of TomTom Africa, specializing in Navigation based data and solutions.  In his earlier career, John served as a Director of an electrical engineering company called Netgroup where after he co-founded a Geographic Information System and Mapping Company called Georigin, which was subsequently sold to Tele Atlas in 2007. John has played a key role in managing the various GPS and Remote Sensing technologies. The resulting products are now widely used by various GPS, governmental, and military institutions. He brings a wealth of business and technical experience to Davar Partners, and is dedicated to the continuous development of audio players to spread the Word of God in this unique way.

Executive Leadership

Gerhard Marx, President and CEO

Gerhard is a co-founder and the second President/CEO of Davar Partners International, an oral Bible agency, currently serving over 700 partner organizations in more than 100 nations. He also serves as the Vice Chairman of the South African Action for World Evangelism, the founder of the Kingdom Business Forum of South Africa, is a member of the Audio Scripture Engagement Group of the International Orality Network, and the Coordinator for Orality for the World Evangelical Network of Southern Africa.

Gerhard grew up in rural South Africa, made a successful change as a tax auditor to kingdom entrepreneur, establishing various businesses and coaching others, to serving in the sphere of media ministries, notably the Far East Broadcasting Association and Davar Partners International.

Drawing from his more than 25 years of experience in government, business and ministry he has served various agencies globally to date. He has travelled to well over 45 nations in 5 continents, conducting seminars and workshops on various topics.

Gerhard carries a burning passion for the Word of God and intimacy with the Living Word, our Lord and Messiah. He and his family reside in Pretoria, South Africa.

Ehab Jabour, CFO and Vice President of Business & Finance

Ehab Jabour has an extensive background in financial and business management in the corporate world. He serves as a consultant and financial adviser to numerous companies and organizations. Ehab is an Arab Christian who lives with his family in the Galilee, Israel

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