FAQ: A New Era for Davar!


Audibible® Players: Orders, Warranties, Technical Difficulties

What is the final date to order and collect?

  • We can NO LONGER receive any orders
  • Last day for pickup: May 31st

Where can I purchase DPI's audio products?

We are developing a plan to have DPI recordings on our website to stream and download. Thank you for your patience as work towards making this possible.

Where can I buy an audio device similar to the Audibible® Player?

A few of our Ministry partners who can assist:

Audio Scripture Apps

What will happen to your Audibible® N1 Device?

We are in the process of handing over our products to other ministry partners and will make this information public soon.

What must I do if my current player has technical issues?

Defective units can be sent to the RSA office for servicing, but, unfortunately, we cannot change or add languages anymore.

What about the warranty on the player? Does it expire now?

NO. All warranties of units bought in 2016 and early 2017 are still in effect. Warranties expire one year after purchase.

What if I want to buy accessories for my current players?

All accessories (including chargers) for the Audibible® Player will also only be available for ordering until 28 April.

Who will take over Distribution of the Audibible® player?

We are still in the handover process, but will make a thorough public announcement as soon as possible.

Interactive Bible Discovery

What will happen to the IBD program?

As of 30 April, IBD will no longer be operating under Davar’s name, but will continue under a new entity. (To be Announced ASAP)

Are the planned IBD events for 2017 still going to happen?

YES. Please contact Dr. Johan Louw or Mr. Matthew Meng for specific dates and locations, and to request new training dates (contact details below).

Will DPI still handle IBD admin and registrations?

NO. Training reservations and administration will be dealt with via the new entity under which IBD will operate.

Where can my funds be redirected if I wanted to fund an IBD event?

The new entity will still use designated IBD funds for training as requested – just not under the umbrella of DPI. Any additional training donations can be made by contacting Dr. Johan Louw or Mr. Matthew Meng

Is my IBD certificate still valid?


Can I still become a Master trainer if DPI is not presenting IBD anymore?

YES! Previous trainees will be eligible for further training!

General notes about the new focus for DPI:

Why did DPI change its focus?

It was both a Stark Reality and Incredible Opportunity!

Everything culminates into: Kingdom Expansion, Exponential Growth and  creating a bigger platform for The Body of Christ to work together to accomplish even more!


  1. Davar is focused on unreached oral people groups
  2. Multiple platforms and technology options are emerging that broaden options for distribution of oral scriptures
  3. Web options are eclipsing our distribution efforts by exponential proportions
  4. Our resources are being more acutely focused to increase Bible recordings thereby extending Davar's benefit to missions overall and increasing our collective impact even further.
  5. Over 600 written full Bible texts waiting to be recorded, over 1700 languages without Bible translation.
  6. Nearly 2 out of 3 people on earth use cell phones. Digital audio Bibles can spread far and wide like never before.
  7. In our former structure we averaged 12 audio Bible recordings per year. With new structure, we aim to record 30 per year.
  8. With 4 out 5 people on earth (80%) oral communicators, we are compelled to give millions more people access to the Bible in their language in audio form as soon as possible.
  9. Our Bible Distribution and Engagement Training Departments will be sown into other ministries and organizations who specialize in engagement training and Bible distribution.
  10. The Body works together so more Bible translations will be recorded, more people will hear, and more people will be trained!

Contact us for more information:

Scripture Engagement Services (IBD Training)

If you have questions about Interactive Bible Discovery (IBD) training events and certification, contact Johan Louw or Matthew Meng. They will continue to lead workshops and welcome your continued partnership to make disciples among oral preference learners.

Dr. Johan Louw:

Mr. Matthew Meng:

Distribution (Audibible® Player)

If you want to order Audibible® players or if you have technical questions, contact Habib Karam. Remember, the final day to make an order is April 28th, and the last day to pick up Audibible® players from our offices is May 31st.

Mr. Habib Karam

Office of the President (General)

If you have questions about DPI’s recent decision to focus exclusively on recording audio Bibles, contact DPI President and CEO, Gerhard Marx.

Mr. Gerhard Marx:

FAQ: Davar Partners International



What does Audibible® mean?

"Audibible" is the name for the Davar Partners International solar-rechargeable audio player in a ruggedized package about the size of a cell-phone, capable of holding thousands of hours of high quality audio content. Learn more about the Audibible® here.

What does "Davar" mean?

Davar is Hebrew for "Word" and is used to refer to both the Scriptures and the Incarnate Word, Jesus. Learn more about the meaning of Davar here.