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Maale is a growing Omotic language spoken by more than 41 000 000 people in Ethiopia. This language originated in, and is mainly spoken in the Omo region of Ethiopia. With a literacy rate of less than 48%, this community relies heavily on oral communication and methods of learning.

The Maale speaking people group was badly affected by the now almost forgotten famine of the early to mid-1980’s.  More than 400 000 Ethiopians lost their lives in his famine that was caused by a combination of severe drought and anti-insurgency policies put in place by the government at the time. International aid, provided by relief organizations and sympathetic countries, made a huge difference in saving the lives of hundreds of thousands of desperate people of that generation.

Now, thirty years later, we have a new and exciting opportunity to again bring food and water to the people of Ethiopia. This time it will be The Bread of Life and the Stream of Living Water, The Word of God!

The Maale Bible, Old and New Testament translation was completed in 2014. Davar Partners International will produce the full Maale Audio bile in 2016, with the recording phase commencing in January in our partner studios in Addis Ababa.

*source: The Joshua Project

The Maale Full Bible will be completed by 2016.


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