Mongolian Full Bible Production

The Mongolian nation is known to most of us for conquering large parts of Asia and the Middle East under the leadership of Ganges Khan. They also have a proud history of overcoming all sorts of adversity such as severe cold in winter, harsh living conditions in the country side and economic and social-political challenges.

1 000 000 of the 3 000 000 Mongolian speaking inhabitants of Mongolia, live in Ulaanbaatar, the coldest and second most air- polluted capitol in the world. Approximately 10% of the population is considered to be Christian while Shamanism and Buddhism are the predominant religions.

A large number of the Mongolian people, mainly horse and cattle farmers, lead a nomadic life style.  Because of the harsh and ever changing climatic conditions, these farmers are forced to move around the Mongolian country side, in order for their heads to feed on the plains. An audio version of The Bible would be of particular value to this group as they are constantly traveling with all their belongings and living in traditional tents. They therefor have very little opportunity to fellowship with city based congregations.

*source: The Joshua Project

The Mongolian Audio Bible production commenced in December 2015 in our partner studio in Ulaanbaatar. Please partner with us to make The Word of God available to this kind, humble and hospitable people of Mongolia who don’t read.

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