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When 80% of people around the world do not read, struggle to read, or simply prefer to listen, they cannot engage with the Word of God until they hear it. Davar Partners International enables oral people to HEAR the Word of God in their heart languages and finally say, “God speaks my language!”

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Text Permissions

Partnering with Bible agencies and ministries in the field, Davar selects impactful language translations to record audio Bibles and secures permissions from text owners to begin the process.

Project Coordination

Valuing community input and cultural sensitivity, Davar aligns with communities in field locations to audition local narrators and train local managers to oversee the recording process.


Using studio space in field locations and local involvement, recording commences under the supervision of Davar’s highly-experienced production team.


Handling the Word of God with utmost care, each recording undergoes a rigorous editing stage. Proof-readers simultaneously read and listen to identify discrepancies between the text and recording. Proof-listeners attend to the audio to ensure the highest standards of pronunciation and diction. Independent language consultants verify each recording for accuracy.


Once editing is complete, audio productions transition from the field to the mastering studio where highly-skilled & experienced sound engineers equalize frequencies, set consistent volume levels, and compile audio to ensure high quality and ease in listening. They complete a final check before publication.


Relying upon partnership with various agencies, church planting efforts, and ministries worldwide, Davar shares each recording freely for wide distribution through every platform available. Davar freely publishes audio for immediate download and distribution through our online Audio Library and mobile application, the Audibible App.


Of the 7,099 living languages, only 670 languages have a text translation of the Full Bible, and only 76 languages have a Full Bible available in audio, which leaves an estimated 1.5 billion people without access to the Full Bible in their language and 2.7 billion without access to the Full Bible in a format they can understand. As Christians confronted by this staggering reality, we recognize a major challenge in global missions: How can individuals grow in faith without access to the Word of God in a language and format they understand?

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American Bible Society
Bible Gateway
United Bible Societies
The Digital Bible Library
Word for the World
  • Testimonial
    International Mission Board

    Recent research found that missionaries who used oral [non-print] communication strategies with oral people groups planted more than 4 times as many churches as those who did not.

  • Testimonial
    SIL Translation Handbook

    “Translation teams find that the recording process results in changes in the text that make the translation more natural and smoother to read. For this reason the recording sessions should be considered as one last editing opportunity before submitting the manuscript for publishing.”

  • Testimonial
    Tesfaye BekemaThe Word for the World Ethiopia

    “When they hear God speaking to them in the language He gave them, it touches their heart and they can more easily respond to God's Word. It establishes them as it is connected to their identity and enables them to get the full meaning of what God intended to speak to them. They love that.”

  • Testimonial
    James HamatalaZambia

    "I listened to the reading of the Word of God, the Bible, for the first time in my life, and I was refreshed to have heard the Word in this manner. The lessons from the audio Bible struck my heart and I realized how lost I was. I never used to have a relationship with God because in our tradition we have the gods we worship. After the audio Bible training, I was afraid to remain in my old way of living, serving and worshipping strange gods. I had to make a bold decision and asked my family to surrender our lives to the Lordship of Jesus Christ."

  • Testimonial
    Bright SonjeraMalawi

    "Power of God is flowing everywhere through the talking Bible!"

  • Testimonial
    Emile Wessels, Executive Director | SAAD

    "Davar Partners is an accredited ministry on the Tree of Life Stewardship Navigator donor-advised fund platform. It is a privilege to support Davar Partners and the life-changing work they do.”